I live in ‘Micro’

I had meandered around in different directions without having to explain who I was. This condition of simplicity came to an abrupt end when I reached the border of what seemed to be another country. I pondered on the likelihood that, one way or another, they would allow me to stay.


It’s been months since I last made contact, I am aware of that. A breeze-less country had swallowed me and somehow got me isolated. The occasional person I encountered could not locate this eccentric place geographically but named it: Calling Leopard Lake.


There are so many explanations, excuses, foolish thoughts .. but I bought her a birthday present every year even though she was gone. I might have been dreaming of the perfect gift waiting to be unraveled, but somehow the concept calmed me down and I realized I would live until her next birthday.

Deep Sky

Deep Sky

I arrived at this solitary village late in the evening. The sky was still pale blue and when I got out of my car a silence surrounded me as if I just had pulled a thick plaid over my head. Unexpectedly I heard a distant conversation, first some muffled sentences and then a woman saying: ‘ I’m just afraid my baby will be eaten by a coyote’